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Before Startup Oasis, the Startup Community was a desert. The closest you could get to making your business idea happen was to rush home from work and attend one of the evening events held by the startup world.

But you were hard-pressed to find the actual people or resources you needed without emptying your bank account and destroying any startup capital you may have needed. We call this the "illusion of accessibility".


The Founders are at an age and expertise most relevant to the times we are living in right now. Whatever they deal with at work, at home, or just out and about, are the experiences shared by the most people. Thus, the innovations they come up with are the most impactful.

Image by Yiran Ding

The Best Ideas

At each event, we are amazed at the quality and diversity of ideas or existing businesses being presented. Spanning so many industries and integrating so many technologies, these possibilities for the future were previously blocked from becoming reality because of the startup community's incompatibility with people that have full-time jobs.

Capable Players

All of these people were told to go to college, and they went. All of these people were told to be productive human beings at some company, and so they did. They learned what is new, project management, emotional intelligence, making deadlines and maintaining professionalism. They are young enough to still have energy, but experienced enough to make it work. 


Imagine the most advanced humans in the most advanced country in the history of the world. Now put them in a room with dreamers.

Image by Amélie Mourichon

Devs and Designers

Building the dream is what they do, and together, they have such diversity of skillsets. At the Oasis, the direction may be set by the founders, but the momentum is driven by the tech and design teams. And at the time of launch, they remain active in solving issues and pushing new iterations of the product or service.

Marketing and Sales

Being the direct impetus for a unit of income is what they live for. Good thing, because reaching the audience and making the sale is the "0 to 1" moment that makes the startup more than a side project. Whether for commission or potential, what marketers and salespeople do is crucial to our community, 

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