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Our Sponsors

Look to the horizon...for all we can achieve together

Discover More in Your Target Market

The next unicorns are born here. Whether as single units of human capital or as a team already formed, there is no better application for preemptive brand awareness marketing than with Startup Oasis.

The interests of our community are both broad and specific. All that a sponsor may need to establish with Founders, Developers, UX Designers, Marketers, and other components of a tech startup team are all within scope here.

If you would like to be a part of this journey and donate to the next generation startup community, visit our Startup Oasis Stripe portal:


Live Events

Every month we have our foundational event live in Atlanta, partnered with Georgia Tech's ATDC. We are the largest consistent monthly startup community in Atlanta, and have large pop-up events around the world. After each Startup Oasis, we blast it out to our entire online presence.

Global Events on Discord

During the Pandemic, our virtual events would bring attendees from every continent. Now we are expanding the Startup Oasis concept and structure worldwide on Discord. If you have ambitions of going global, you can be a Discord sponsor.

Online Media

The next frontier for our community includes everything from documentaries to podcasts. Illuminating the potential in budding tech hubs worldwide and helping them make it happen, as well as being positioned with early adopters, is something so many brands would love to be included.

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