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Welcome to the First Annual 

Founder Awards

Celebrating the Startup Community

The humble beginnings of a tech startup are tumultuous at best. With the community we created here at Startup Oasis, Founders come in from the desert to find like-minded people with complementary skills to make their dreams of the future come true.

With the Founder Awards, we celebrate the trailblazers, the fire walkers, the battle-tested visionaries. Those that brought a team together and created something new against all odds, or are in the process to doing it. The categories include Best Story, Best Impact on Society, Most Innovative Idea, Most Likely to Get Funded, People's Choice Award, and Rising Star. 

If you are looking to be a sponsor and have your brand be a namesake of the award(s), please see below. We announce them and your brand to our entire network!

Fists in Solidarity
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